About Me


A Missionary mama and wife trying to hear God’s Small, Still Voice above the noise of everyday life.

Our growing family travels the country in a 27ft travel trailer and responds to natural disasters as Knowing Hope Ministries. With less than 240sq feet of living space, things are cozy but we wouldn’t have it any other way! It gives us the freedom to respond to storms within 24hrs and the stability to provide a home for our family!


I try to live everyday with one purpose,

to serve and love our Lord with all I have and to love people as He loved us.  I am a sinner, imperfect, flawed and broken at times, but I am constantly fixing my eyes on God to help me through the days and moments I couldn’t get through on my own.

The name came from 1Kings 19:13 “God speaks to us in a small, still voice” And just like Elijah, when we stop amongst the storms in our own lives, there in the quiet is God’s voice, small and still, waiting to pull us through. See, Elijah was facing hard times. He was running from people who wanted to kill him, he was alone, and he was defeated.

Elijah was so broken, he even begged for death to come, throwing his hands in the air and proclaiming “Enough of this, God! Take my life- I’m ready to join my ancestors in the grave!” (1 Kings 19:4 The Message) God met Elijah right where he was and pulled him through. He filled him back up and gave him the strength he needed to continue to glorify God.

I am a normal, regular woman, struggling everyday to live up to the Grace I didn’t deserve, but received through Jesus Christ. It is about the moments of imperfection and doubt, and the moments when I get it just right and want to shout it over the hills!

I hope that in my story, you will find parts of yourself. That together, we will all learn to be still and quiet and listen to what God has in store for us!


3 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hey there! My name is Cameron and I had a question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me when you have a moment! Thanks so much. 🙂

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