It’s been a little over 2 years since the last post on this project, yet coming back here feels just like sitting back down in a worn armchair, comfortable and welcoming.

Over the years I was able to share this project with many beautiful and talented woman, who lent their voices to a project about grace, life stumbles and loving one another. (Which you will continue to be able to read some of their guest posts when the archives page is finished) I hope that this project continues to be about many different woman, lending their voices as guests to encourage one another in every aspect of life because I think it is something missed in society today and I think we are in desperate need of more of it.

Two years. Phew. It goes by in a blink, doesn’t it.  When I left off, my husband and I were just taking a giant leap of faith and entering the missionary world full time in disaster relief.

Now, I sit here at my computer desk, belly swollen with the growth of our first baby, due any day. We have see the hard times and the great times in ministry and continue to build our small ministry to meet the needs of children and families after devastating disasters. We travel the road in a 27ft travel trailer, our home sweet home, that takes us all over the country as we respond to storms.  We have grown so much in those two years and I can’t wait to share the precious moments ahead with each of you.


Coming back to this project feels a bit like coming back to an old friend and in so many ways, coming back to my own voice and self. I’ve thought about it just about everyday since it ended, and I’m thrilled to be back and sharing life with you wonderful ladies and this community again.

So, what’s new? Where has life taken you in the last 2 years?

Let’s see where life takes us from here, shall we?



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